In our days children's early acquirement of a language has become a basic demand of parents who urge language learning at quite an early age due to their own experience.

We present the opportunity for children at creche and kindergarten ages to instinctively and naturally acquire English in small groups of loving milieu.

Acquiring English basically goes on in two ways:

On the one hand, the children permanently live in an English-speaking environment. The activities are conducted in English by native and Hungarian kindergarten teachers speaking excellent English. The use of English becomes a daily routine; while playing, doing their everyday activities, the children are almost insensibly made familiar with English, which surrounds them as a part of their daily life.

On the other hand, the children take part in systematic language lessons where they are taught with approved and efficient methods. We achieve our aim by the combination of these two ways.

Children before the age of six are able to acquire a foreign language fluently. At this age, they find the foreign language interesting, exciting, they take to it like a duck to water. This admirable   capacity of learning is later lost due to the development of the nervous system. Then one can only learn a language with hard work and patience.  In spite of the common belief, acquirement of a foreign language at an early age does not influence that of the mother tongue. It rather helps children get ahead later. 

Besides English, we also consider developing self-expression and the use of Hungarian as our self-evident task.

We aspire to use English even in the creche and the junior group but during the first months of the acclimatization we only gradually introduce communication in the foreign language.