Lack of exercise indisposes our body as well as our soul. Permanent instructions like 'Sit quietly on your chair' can not introduce training for sports, exercise, healthy life. In the end, children get used  to sitting on the chair quietly so much that they stay that way all their life! 

With lots of exercise and a sporty way of life, our goal is to build the ground for the children's  health, just as a strong character and self-confidence.

Children have to take exercise every day, the best way of which is sports.

Among junior school children, the direct relationship between successful learning and regular active exercise can be easily seen.

In our kindergarten, airy classrooms, a gymnasium and a parked, lawny garden are available. The daily trainings of the children take place in an up-to-date gymnasium equipped with a tatami. Gymnastics is a basic sport. In our institution it is the sport of daily regularity.  The groundwork of gym along with a lot of games is conducted by professional coaches.

The daily practice of gym makes it possible to evolve different capabilities, helps to establish physically and spiritually the sport chosen later. In fact, it is the basis of every kind of sports as it provides all the advantages which a healthy child needs or may need in his/her life. Its motional material helps the bodily development, the right bearing, improves the capability of coordination. It is the most adaptable for basic physical education, by which it excellently grounds the children in doing other sports.

We regularly carry children to the sites of facultative sport trainings, e.g. swimming, football, tennis etc. several times a week. The safe transport of the children is provided by a contracted partner of ours, who has up-to-date microbuses equipped with safety belts and cautious drivers of long experience.