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The Sasad English-Hungarian Sport Kindergarten is located in one of the most beautiful streets of excellent panorama in Sasad in quiet and safe neighbourhood of good air. The cottage of 210 square meters has several airy classrooms and gyms. The 900 square meter play-garden is a lawny and safe area of excellence for children's need of exercise.

Our English-Hungarian Sport Kindergarten provides help for  families who adjusting to the realities of today are looking for a place where their children can learn English naturally and instinctively, and have a chance of daily sport activities. Early language learning has become a basic demand on the part of parents who urge their children to acquire a foreign language at an early age.

Our goal is to make children like  the English language and sports at an early age,  just as to preserve their health. Along with plenty of games, the children can learn a healthy way of living.

Besides English, we also consider development of self-expression and the use of Hungarian as our self-evident task.

In case the parent does not want his/her child to learn a language  other than Hungarian, the child can take part in other traditional small group activities like music etc.

Besides the usual creche-kindergarten education and care, emphasis is laid on English and sports, by which our goal is to save the parents the trouble of rushing their children to extra lessons. Including their curriculum in the kindergarten education is considerably easier than getting the possibly tired children to attend extra lessons in the afternoon.

Acquiring English takes place in two ways:

On the one hand, the children live in an English-speaking environment. The activities are in English and are conducted by native kindergarten-teachers and Hungarian ones speaking excellent English. The use of English is day-by-day routine; while playing, doing their everyday activities, the children are almost insensibly made familiar with English, which surrounds them as a part of their daily life. 

On the other hand, the children take part in systematic language lessons where they are taught with approved and efficient methods. We reach our goals by the combination of these two.

By a sporty way of life, our goal is to build the ground for the children's health, just as a strong character and  their self-confidence.

The children have to exercise every day, the best way of which is sports.

In our sport kindergarten, gymnastics is a sport of daily regularity.

Gymnastics is the basic sport being the most appropriate way of physical education. It provides optimal foundation to pursue other sports. Daily trainings are conducted by professional coaches using lots of games.

The children are taken to facultative trainings of swimming, football, tennis or other sports by safe transportation several times a week.

Generaly speaking over-application for kindergartens and creches is enormous. The number of children for a fostress is often too high. Our creche can not be overcrowded: the familiar character of our creche is ensured by the fact that a group must not consist of more than 10 - 12 infants, with 3 kindergarten teachers. Considerable expansion is not among our aims. We expect parents who prefer creches with small groups. The infants are taken care of by qualified nurses with several years of experience, allowing us to receive infants from the age of six months. 

In our kindergarten group there are 15 children, with 3 kindergarten teachers.

It is our belief that a child staying an additional year at kindergarten will be a year ahead compared to his mates at school .

The children from our kindergarten can pass the entering exams of  either schools specializing in sports or languages, and do well in  their studies as well as sports.

Our purpose in the long run is to become an institution to which parents can always turn to with trust. We insist on adjusting the life of our kindergarten and creche to the requirements of the parents. We are happy to receive suggestions, and grant requests concerning either the opening hours or new services and activities, but first of all suggestions regarding the individual well-being of children.

Opening hours: 07.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. The daily opening hours may be lengthened - including weekends - on request.

Child care, play house for a couple of hours as well. Children who do not attend our kindergarten may come, too.

Babysitting service
We undertake the care of infants and children on request in their usual environment in the afternoon and evening hours.

In the summer term, during the school and kindergarten holiday, we can also receive schoolchildren under 14.

We are open without breaks or holidays (except for the Hungarian bank holidays) all the year round.

Our address: 1118 Budapest, Hársmajor u. 14/A.

In order to apply and/or get further information, please contact us:

Tel: 06 30 812 85 82